1. Physical properties of biomolecular nanosystems.
  2. Interactions of biomolecules with nanoparticles and nanostructured surfaces.
  3. Enhancement of optical processes in biomolecules by nanostructured metal surfaces.
  4. Biomolecules, hybrids of biomolecules with carbon nanostrucrures (graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes, and other carbon nanoparticles).
  5. Theory and computer modeling of nanoscopic biological systems;
  6. BioNano-materials, -composites and their applications.
  7. Special sessions on the progress of collaborative projects:
    • HORIZON 2020 project “Asymmetry of biological membrane: theoretical, experimental and applied aspects” (690853 — assymcurv — H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015)
    • NATO SPS project 985291 “Detection of biohazards by means of spectroscopy of biological membranes”
  8. New and crazy ideas in physics and biology.

Invited speakers:

Prof. Baiba Berzina "Luminescent nanoparticles for optical imaging of biological materials";

Dr. Francesca Cecchet "Shedding light on nanoparticles/membranes interactions through vibrational second order nonlinear optical spectroscopy";

Prof. Alexander P. Demchenko "Carbonic nanostructures as efficient instruments in molecular and cellular research";

Prof. Galyna Dovbeshko "Role mitochondrion and its vibration markers";

Prof. Arvi Freiberg "New Insights into Photosynthetic Excitations Achieved by High-pressure Perturbation";

Dr. hab. Dariusz Hreniak "Near-infrared persistent luminescence nanoparticles for optical imaging of biological tissues";

Dr. Alexander Krivchikov "Hybridization between optic and acouctic modes in amorphouse solids";

Prof. Eugene Kryachko "Does the complete description of mutations in the A-T pair of DNA matter?";

Dr. hab. Anna Lukowiak "Luminescent bioactive glasses and composites";

Prof. Ago Rinken "Characterization of interactions between proteins with their ligands using TIRF microscopy";

Prof. Wieslaw Strek "Laser stimulated lighting of graphene materials".


(the list of invited lectures will be updated) …